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This amount will vary. We get asked this question at least 10 times a day. Here are some tips that can help you.

1. To begin selling hair you need to narrow down what type of hair you want to sale the hair cataolg is HUGE.

2. When you figure out what you want to sell you will need to know your cost basis, or the price you are paying for stock.

3. Checkout different hair retailers in-store or online pricing to get an idea for the avarage selling price.

4. Now use the selling price formula to calulate the final price:

Selling Price= Cost Price + Profit Margin

5. IN OUR OPINION your bare mininum profit margin should be no less than a markup of 25% per hair extension and 35% per wig. Remember this is our opinion :)

We offer a hair grading tier starting from 9A to 13A and Raw.This will allow to fiqure out the perfect hair based on your budget. Please scroll down and read before making your purchase.

9A - Our Brazilian 9A is one of our best selling hair materials due to the price and quality. The actual hair material and bundle weight is the same as our 12A Brazilian but you will have less fuller ends. This hair is single drawn, double wefted, and can color to a #27 (honey Blonde)

10A - Our Virgin Indian10A hair material has a strong ratio of long hairs. This means there are fewer short hairs so the ends are fullers. This hair is single drawn, double wefted and can color to a #27 (honey blonde)

11A - Our Virgin Indian11A hair material has a stronger ratio of long hairs than our 10A. All of our 11a bundles are single wefted (the flattest), single drawn and can color to a #27 (honey blonde)

12A- Our Virgin Brazilian 12A hair material has full strands from top to bottom. This is the same materal as the 9A Brazilian but a MUCH fuller ratio. Single drawn, double wefted and can color to a #27 (honey blonde).

13A- Our Cambodian 13A DOUBLE DRAWN by far is the ABSOLUTE HIGHEST QULAITY fullest strand hair on the market. From top to bottom the hair is EXTREMELY FULL. WHICH MEAN 95% OF THE SHOTER HAIR ARE REMOVED. This hair is organized in equal lengths develpoing a smooth and refined look. This hair is more expensive to produce but we believe it deserves to invest.

Raw Hair- Our Raw hair material are superior quility. No Chemicals or steaming. Its just been cut from a single donor washed and conditioned. All the hairs cuticles are unifomly aligned. We only offer straight and a slight wavy texture. Since our Raw hair is single donor hair the weight of the bundles will vary. Since Raw hair can not be double drawn bundles will vary in ratio of strands **This hair can color to 613 EASILY** The downside to raw hair is that no two bundles are alike. They wont't be very different from each other but they will never be identical and thats because the hair is not steamed to create a uniform curl pattern.

Of course. The higher the number often translates to higher quality (less fly aways, fuller ends and longer strands ratio threwout the bundle) which leads to higher pricing.

The higher quality hair you want, the higher the grade you should look for. If your on a budget looking for a true money maker and still want quality you should start with our 100% Virgin 9A hair.

Since this is a Wholesale site the minimum quantity order to receive wholesale pricing is $250. If you do not add at least $250 worth of items to your cart you will not be able to check out.

The maximum fraund order protection on our website is $2500. If you want to purchase over $3000 please contact us we have additional options.

Unfortunanetly no.

These are Online only deals. But we offer great pricing instore too.

We accept Debit cards,Credit cards, Shop Pay, Cashapp and Paypal.

You will receive all orders at your door step with-in 3-5 business days. Unless advised other wise in the items discription.

All sales are final. We do not offer a return or exchange policy unless there is a mistake on our behlaf, which we will correct ASAP.



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